Truly understand your fans

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Millions of fans share their feelings and opinions towards their clubs in the social networks. Fanalytics is an A.I. tool that helps you listen, understand, and keep your fans loyal and committed.

Increase fan engagement

find the most resonating content and forge a marketing strategy for different fan segments in different markets

Boost your revenue

discover and eliminate timely the buying barriers of your merchandise, find the unmet needs and drive sales in all commercial areas

Build a stronger brand

keep up to date of the trending topics & react immediately to adverse P.R. events


Listen to your fans everywhere

Fanalytics covers the most relevant social networks where fans express themselves: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Forums, News sites, Reviews, etc. – and of course, club’s owned social channels and internal text sources

Understand what your fans say

Fanalytics delivers real-time insights on fans’ opinions towards club, players, games, sponsors, ticketing & merchandise, among hundreds of other detected topics. The psycholinguistic profiling technology unveils motivations & personality traits and creates unique psychographic segments



Engage with your fans

Integrate the analysis results into your CRM system and put the insights into immediate action: create a segment-based marketing strategy, personalized campaigns, etc. When your fans are loyal & committed, you will reach higher ROI.